Real tired of all of the bottom bucky fanfic.

Found a perfect fanmix for rocket on 8track and can’t stop rocking to those song


clintasha in pastel colors; requested by anonymous 
↳ “agent barton was sent to kill me. he made a different call.”

a classic rock mix for two unlikely bffs traversing the galaxy, taking down bad guys, and causing trouble together // LISTEN

I’ve waited for like 10 mins and the airline company still isn’t letting me talk to a living person

do you ever go through those phases where you just don’t feel like talking to anyone for a few days and it’s not because you’re mad or anything you just don’t feel like talking???

Bucky/Steve AU where people are born to be a dom or sub and everyone thinks Steve is a dom. But actually he is a switch who can only submit to Bucky because Bucky is the only person in the world that knows him inside out, before and after the serum

eternal sunshine for authors who write bottom!steve